Portal TV camera Facebook wants to settle in your living room

Portal TV

Facebook today presents a new range of Portal products, one of which is called Portal TV and which connects to a television via the HDMI port. This is a camera.
Portal TV allows you to transfer your video calls from Messenger or WhatsApp to the largest screen in your home. You can place the camera above or below your television for an immersive video call, which will allow you to move while being seen and heard, according to Facebook.

Portal TV

Facebook assures: confidentiality is at the rendezvous. You can turn off Portal’s camera and microphone in one motion. A red light next to the lens indicates that the camera and microphone are turned off. Portal also has a lens cover that will allow you to manually lock the camera lens.

also portal mini

In addition to Portal TV, Facebook is launching a new version of Portal and the brand new Portal Mini, which can be used in both portrait and landscape mode. Portal Mini features an 8-inch HD display and Portal has a 10-inch HD display for making video calls, viewing photos, and watching videos. It is also a support to enjoy streaming audio (Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio) and video (Amazon Prime Video).

Portal and Portal Mini will be available from October 15th, and Portal TV from November 5th. Portal Mini will be available at 149 €, Portal at 199 € and Portal TV at 169 €. A reduction of 50 € for the purchase of two devices will be proposed. Note that Facebook is now selling its Portal products in France, as well as in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand. The products were reserved in the United States and Canada until now.

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